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Shree's Waxing Studio 

Get instant smooth, radiant and soft skin with our waxing services! 

We offer a clean and professional environment when performing all waxes. No double dipping is ever done with any of our wax services. 

Our Process: 

We strive to give you the best possible service! We ensure the end results are nothing but smooth and hair free skin! To start, we'll clean the area from any oils or lotions. Next, we'll prep your skin with talc free powder (Talc free powder is safer for you!).  This will absorb any extra moisture on your skin that could hinder the wax from being as effective as it should be. After the powder, we begin waxing!! We use both strip and gel wax. The wax that is used in your service will depend on your hair type and skin type. If you have a preference we  will gladly accommodate you with it.

Our Prices:

Brows $10                 Brow Trim $12

Lip $5                           Lip & Chin $15

Chin $10                      Underarm $15

  Bikini $30           Bikini & 1/2 Leg $50

Full Legs $50                  Brazilian $50

Full Face $40                Men Back $60

 Chest $40                                 Arms $30

       Package of 3 Brazilian $99.99            

        Package of 3 Full Leg $99.99     

Contact Shree: 917-373-0940         

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